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Earthizenz Eco-Friendly Systems is a single person organization. Here’s all about him:


Mohan Prakash Singh


A Civil & a Mechanical engineer, the first part of the career was about innovative new product design, its development; setting the quality norms for its production, then the phase of Renew, Reuse, Recycle & now have spent the last 16 yrs. working on Green House Gas (GHG) Emission Reduction & Climate Change; Sustainable Development, Education for Sustainable Development,through, Lectures & Presentations in National and International fora, practical interventions & personal examples.


As consultant & Visiting Faculty  

GNA University:

 As an Visiting faculty                                     ( Oct. 2016 to Date)                                                                                           

Rayat Bahra University:

As an Adjunct faculty                                           (June, 2016-to Dec 2016)

Centre for Research for Rural & Industrial Development: As visiting Faculty                                                          (2011-present)

To train the Urban and Peri-Urban Local bodies under The HUDCO Chair

Rural Sanitation in Haryana:

As Consultant                                                       (May, 2015-to date)

  1. Design of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (pond-wise) for villages.
  2. The Primary and secondary systems are modular, adjustable according to situation.
  3. This is followed by a sub-surface flow Planted gravel filter, primarily consisting of Vetiver planted in a zig-zag fashion, interspersed with Cana Indica.
  4. The water then flows into the pond via a shallow polishing tank
  5. A pilot project for 400 houses discharging into a single pond has been installed at three entry points and is expected to stabilize in the next few days

 Village Life Improvement Foundation:

As  consultant                                                                 (2004- present)

Design of Decentralized Sewerage Wastewater Treatment System for villages.

The 1st System was designed for my own Energy Conserving House, which was scaled up.

Anandpur Sahib Foundation

As a consultant                                                                  (2009-11)

  1. Bio Engineering Intervention at Anandpur Sahib Museum Complex, Punjab with Vetiver
  2. System to achieve what could not be achieved for several years.
  3. Steep Slope Stabilization Road batter (Filled)
  4. Re-vegetation of eroded hillocks. The Vetiver roots contained the moisture   within them, the soil erosion stopped and local species started growing.
  5. Silt Control in Water body by strategically planting Vetiver as Porous Bunds, in catchment area, achieved a zero silt situation
  6. View the details here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B25VpqYictMva2lSSEF0Rkdyb2c

The Vetiver System:

  1. Set up the only nursery for non-seeding Vetiver grass, in North India, in 2007. The Nursery was also on degraded land. The Vetiver first repaired the degraded land and then the nursery flourished. View here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B25VpqYictMvZF96ZG93V0tPLTQ
  2. Certificates of excellence: from The Vetiver Network International for:                                                             Nursery Propagation & Supply; Community Involvement;  Soil & Moisture Conservation; Bio-Engineering; Slope/Infrastructure Protection; Environmental Management; Wastewater Treatment; Carbon Sequestration

Practical Intervention for Critical Environmental Issues (Teaching through Example)

a.     Eco-Friendly House: Built a triple storied, one Kanal House with Basement, using Energy conserving methods, by trying to follow the guidelines of the ECBC & IBC.

  • Eco-Friendly Interlocking Blocks, manufactured on site, used for all load bearing walls, very little mortar was used, no plastering necessary.
  • Earth excavated from the basement used for making blocks for non-load-bearing uses.
  • Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) blocks of Density 1000 kg/M3, manufactured on site, via a German Technology, were used for all non-load-bearing walls, on all the floors and as insulating blocks inside exposed walls.
  • Roof insulation: Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foam was used as insulating material on roofs, reducing Self Weight of the structure.
  • The fenestration: Double glazing, one toughened and tinted as per the climatic zone.
  • In-house Wastewater Recycling: Both grey and Black Water was being recycled and the house was not connected to the Municipal Sewer for 1 year, for demonstration. The water was being used in the front and rear gardens. Grey water is still being recycled.
  • Methane gas recovery from Kitchen Waste.


  • Experience in industries                        (Oct.’71 to Dec.’99) 
    1. SFL Industries Ltd.                   Chief Operating Officer (1997 – December 2000)
    • Installed turbines to generate power from waste steam from Acid Plant, saving Rs.72 Lacs /Yr.
    1. Atma Plastics Pvt. Ltd.              Project Manager to G M(June 1988 –1997)
    • Produced the first pieces of lumber from post consumer plastic & paper waste, thereby, saving forests. (Effort to reduce the waste polyethylene menace & save trees)
    • Mentioned at the International Conference on Waste Management, Kuala Lumpur, in 1992.
    1. Gem India Ltd ( Parwanoo, HP)                           Design Engineer to Works Manager        (1980 – 88)
    • Designed, manufactured and marketed:

    The first Indian cigarette lighter.The first Indian Piezo-electric cooking gas igniter.The first Indian Plastic Pressure Vessel for storing Butane gas.

    1. Sunny Plastics   Proprietor              (Dec. ’72 – June’ 80)
    • Self employed: Engaged in Plastic Extrusion, Plastic Recycling & Injection Moulding,
    • OEM supplier to Punjab Tractors Limited
    • Introduced recycled plastic liners for use in crates: Using plastic waste (a menace)
    1. Architects Structural Design Engr. (Oct. ,71–Oct ’72)


    Institute of Engineers:      MIE (Mech.), Mech. Engg. 1981

    Punjab Engineering College:                 BE (Civil), 1971

    DOB:                                                                     29th June, 1949