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  1. Village Empowered: Rural Bioenergy Production: A Bundled CDM Project                                                             (Jan. 2006)

Description: Full length white paper on making the growing of bio-diesel plants more viable for the farmer. This paper is published on GREEN PAGES.

2.   Presentation for UNCTAD at Ghana and Mumbai                                                                                                                                (Nov ’06)

Description: Presentation suggests Rural Bio energy to be   produced as part of the CDM Project. This presentation  challenges the NABARD method of Costing of Jatropha            Plantation. It shows how Carbon Credits can help the farmer. It is available in UNCTAD archives.

3.  Application of CDM to Projects in Punjab(PDF)                                                                                                                                (June 2006)

Description: This was the presentation made to the Chief  Minister of Punjab on June 29, 2006. To convince him how sanitation projects can have returns on the capital           expenses.

  1. Choice of Technology for Sanitation in rural Punjab     2009

Description: This presentation was given on behalf of Village Life Improvement Foundation, our clients, to convince the Govt. of Punjab about the simplified Sewerage Technology

  1. Choice of Treatment System for Rural Punjab:                  2011                                                                                                    Rural Sanitation in Punjab was following two different paths. One by the Government and the other by the Village Life Improvement Foundation, an NRI backed NGO. We are their Technical Advisors.
  2. Presentation made to Director HP Mid HimalayanWatershed Project of The World Bank, suggesting  application of CDM to the Project. This presentation was given to The Director Dr. T. C. Jain, suggesting that the project should be taken up under the Clean Development Mechanism.

8. Vetiver System and afforestation & Reforestation

at Khalsa Heritage Museum at Anandpur Sahib to solve multiple problems. It is published on the Vetiver Network International website, as well as on Green Pages.

Presentation on the application System for solving multiple problems.

  1. The origin of the decentralized Waste Water Treatment System along with Vetiver tried at Earthizenz house. Here are some details.
  2. Evolving to the present day Decentralized Waste water treatment System with Vetiver as an important ingredient in the planted filter.