Positive Action Handprint

Built personal house (Oct. 2007-Dec.2008) using Energy Conserving Building Materials and Methods.

Both Indigenous and Foreign Machineries were purchased/imported, to manufacture the following kinds of building blocks, all manufactured at site:

  1. Interlocking Blocks were made, using Hydraform  Machine. (Both stabilized earth and fly ash blocks were made)
  2. Cellular Light Weight Concrete blocks were made, using a Foam Generator and Biodegradable Foaming Agent, both imported from Germany.
  3. The envelop of the building is made of the Interlocking Blocks and insulated with the CLC blocks. Inner partition walls are all CLC. Even the insulation at each level is CLC.
  4. Fenestration is all double glazed with a suitable tinge for the North Indian climate.
  5. The DEWATS system was used to treat both grey water and night soil. The Vetiver System was used in the planted filter.
  6. The treated water was used in the front and rear portions of the house. This was for demonstration. For a whole year, we did not connect to the municipal sewer.
  7. Upper floors have now been rented out. Now we only treat the Kitchen waste.
  8. The same arrangement was up scaled and installed in several villages in Punjab.

Then there is the intervention at the Khalsa Heritage Museum               (Designed by the famous architect Moshe Sefdie, the designer of the museum of The Jewish Holocaust). But for the Vetiver System, it could never have been just like he had dreamt.

A presentation on all these, with their impact, can viewed here.